USB scraping (gua sha) instrument


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Multi purpose 

Detoxification Massager, portable & easy to operate & rechargeable.

Multi-function scraping instrument electric household cupping machine Meridian massage health care instrument


Product color : Red

Power type: USB cable


Filter cotton core: ordinary

Magnet therapy effects.

The cosmetic effect of scraping is well known, and even if the patient uses a scraping instrument instead, it can also achieve a cosmetic effect, and it can make the patient more convenient when scraping. If the patient insists on using a scraping device, it can effectively improve the skin's dark yellow, spots, drooping, dark circles, eye bags, large pores, hemorrhoids and other skin problems, so that the patient's skin can regain the whiteness and elasticity of the past. In addition, the scraping instrument can help the patient to remove toxins from the body and skin and repair the patient's cellular function.

2, improve the body's immunity.

After the patient uses the scraping device, it can effectively increase the activity of immune cells in the body, promote the phagocytosis of harmful bacteria in the body, such as white blood cells and lymphocytes, so that the harmful bacteria in the patient can be greatly reduced, which means the patient's The chances of getting a disease in the body will be greatly reduced.

3, reduce physical fatigue.

After a day's work, many people feel particularly tired. If we can use the instrument for a simple scraping, then the muscles and nerves can be completely relaxed, so that our fatigue can be completely eliminated.

4, dredge the role of blood vessels. If we can use the scraping instrument for a long time, we can continuously stimulate the blood vessels in the body and accelerate the blood flow in the blood vessels, so that we can gradually clear the stasis in the blood vessels, and make the circulation and the dirty state in our body more balanced. stable.