Smart Car Cup Warmer Cooler


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2-in-1 CAR CUP HOLDER, easy to use, just push "WARM"

/ "COOL" button.



1.Small And Portable.Just as big as a cup, could be used in office and home with a 12V power supply adapter, or in car with a cigarette lighter power supply adapter

2.Easy to Operate.One button for heating, another button for cooling, the red light indicates heating, the blue light indicates cooling

3.Suitable for Most Containers - Suitable for metal cans, glass cups, plastic cups, paper cups, etc. within 2.75 inches in diameter.

4.Made of ABS and environmental protection aluminum, safe to drink the boiled water.

5.Fast cooling, heating and insulation, intelligent control, environmental protection and hygiene

Using Steps:

1.Connect the Warmer/Refrigerator to power with power adapter;

2.Shortly press the refrigeration button, the blue light is on, the cup starts refrigerating;

3. Shortly press the heating button, the red light is on, the cup starts starts heating;.

4. Just wait until the drink temperature fits for you, then press the heating/refrigerating button to shut off the power.


Product Name: Intelligent Car Hot and Cold Cup

Model: MES-219

Material: ABS + environmental protection aluminum

Gross weight: 398g

Product size: 115*103*165mm

Rated voltage: 12V

Rated power: 36W

Rated current: 3A

Colour: Black

Ambient temperature: -20°C~60°C

Power supply: car cigarette lighter

Package Included:

1*Small refrigerator

1*Car line




1.It's prohibited to pour water into the machine holder directly.

2.It's better to use cups which have good thermal conductivity, such as iron or aluminum or glass can

3.The power supply must be turned off in inflammable environment.

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