Mites removal kit

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Product name: Molton dust removal kit
Material: Chinese herbal medicine
Specification: 3 pcs/bag
Packing: bagged

-Natural Herbal Dust Mite Set
-Bed mites to remove mites
-3 pcs in 1 bag
-Safe for pregnant women and babies

1 Open the outer packaging bag, take out the mite removal bag, and indicate the date of placement on the surface of the mite removal bag.
2Put the mite-removing bag on sheets, duvet covers, mattresses, lockers, sofas, children's crawling mats, velvet toys and other places where mites are removed
3 Replace the mite removal pouch every 3 months (the specific time depends on the temperature of the ring, the space of the placement position, etc.), and the plant aroma can be replaced after it disappears.

-Natural herbal acne pack
-Herbal package for removing evil worms and mites
-1 pack contains 3 sachets
-Suitable for pregnant and infant

1: Outer box, take out the freckle pack, and place the date on the surface of the freckle pack
2Place the expectorant bag on the bed sheet, quilt cover, mattress, storage cabinet, sofa, children's crawling mat, velvet toys and other parasite breeding places​​
3 Removal of the formaldehyde package is replaced every 3 months (specifically depending on the temperature of the ring, the space of the place and other factors, the use time will vary), the plant fragrance disappears and can be replaced