Portable air purifier (Square)


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Personal -ve Ion Generator, Air Purifier, bring fresh air with you wherever you are.


Negative ions will adsorb suspended particles in the air (such as PM2.5, formaldehyde, pollen, second-hand smoke, pet hair, etc.), make these suspended particles attract each other, become larger and heavier, and accelerate landing. The Doumeng purifier continuously uses 3 million / CM3 negative ion mouth and nose, like forming an invisible mask, which can effectively reduce the suspended dirt inhaled and avoid the danger of dirty air.


Negative ion oxygen bar

Powerful purification of formaldehyde

Strong purification smoke

Remove PM2.5

Remove Allergen Head

Effectively blocks viruses

Parameter information:

Product gross weight: 86g

Color box size: 4.2 * 7.5 * 8.3cm

Product size of square: 1.5 * 5 * 5cm

Package Included:

Hanging neck air purifier

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