Ultrasonic cleaning shovels


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product description:
Power mode: USB charging
Working principle: Ultrasonic vibration
[Vibrato Explosion & Men and Women Available] [Loss Impulse] [Authentic Three Packs] [Extreme Speed ​​Delivery] Ultrasonic Blackhead Shoveling Machine, which will slowly export the skin after the pores, dirt and grease are atomized, as the water dissipates The role of deep cleansing, blackheads? whiteheads? acne? Directly atomize the blackheads instead of sucking them out, so it will not cause enlarged pores, and will never wash your face every day or it will be shiny. Daily skin care will still dull the skin. Ultrasonic skin shoveling machine can not only remove dead skin, blackheads, and whiteheads, to achieve deep pore cleansing and shrink pores; it is also an introduction instrument that can effectively achieve nutrient introduction; it is also a skin tightening instrument that can lift and tighten skin. Function!!! So little fairy little brothers, what are you waiting for?