Xiao Mi Portable smokeless moxibustion box


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Portable compact pocket, smokeless filter, you can carry it with you for moxibustion in sleeping, sitting or working places.

If you catch a cold in your daily life, it may cause physical discomfort. You can use moxibustion to comb the fascia, blood and stasis. However, if the temperature cannot be controlled, please use the traditional moxibustion method, which is very troublesome.


Smart version supports small program control, standard version has automatic temperature control red light moxibustion function, but does not support two functions
Brand: Xiaomi upper left corner
Number: Zd-a6
Specification: Taiwan
Type: portable.


2pro, let users have more choices.
The compact 2pro is second from the left. The biggest feature is the design of the physical buttons. The adjustment of temperature control will be more convenient to prevent misunderstanding. 2pro can lower the threshold of moxibustion. By pressing the physical key to operate the product, it can also return to the actual state of use.
2pro is packed in a bucket, with cakes on the left side of the product, 20 slices per box and 10 slices per box. The bread produced by Chen Yi is processed into a pale yellow discus shape.

The cake in the hand is very light, feels like a sponge, but has a little toughness. The first time it smells a bit special, but suffocating. The official introduction is very soft, but not rough. It is considered very good velvet. The cake looks as soft as velvet.
The difference on the left side of the Elite version is the battery and the display panel Elite 4000ma
Brand: 2pro
Product Number: 2pro
Applicable scene: healthy massage
Product category: moxibustion instrument
Material: Abdomen
Specification: Taiwan
Type: Portable

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