About Us

Distinctive. Exceptional. Different.

奇异… QiYi is about being distinguish, unique, and diverse. More than just another online shopping site, QiYi is your personal digital shopping mall, bringing you innovative products under one roof. A digital shopping mall brought to you from one shopping lover to another shopping lover.

What makes us different?

In QiYi, every product is selected with care. Our team of Qiyi-holics searched, evaluated, and tried every product. We believe in recommending products that are distinguish, an innovative model of its kind in the market. Uniquely designed, our products do not compromise on functionalities and features. 

Top notch among other similar products in the market, QiYi products are packed with features and varieties. With a diverse range of products, we have different merchandise to meet each customer’s needs.

What about affordability? QiYi believes every product is worth its value. With our assortment of products, there is a product that meets each budget without foregoing functionalities.

Why wait?! Jump into our bandwagon mall and shop to your delights!