Warm Palace Belt


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Production characteristics:
1. Graphene rapid heating
2. Three-stage temperature control
3. Vibration massage
4. Expand the fever area
5. Lightweight and portable
6. Ginkgo biloba hot compress, eliminate dampness and cold

3 steps to use:
1. Plug in the power supply, press and hold the switch, turn it on, short press to adjust the temperature
2. Insert the battery into the storage bag. Massage on the left. The high temperature on the right.
3. Low temperature 40℃, medium temperature 55℃, high temperature 65℃

Instructions for use
1. Do not insert the USB port of this product into an unmatched adapter
2. Do not use it before going to bed.
3. Avoid using it in the same place for a long time, and pay attention to confirm the skin condition and clear the abnormality immediately.
4. It is forbidden to approach fire sources, corrosive liquids and various adverse environments.
5. When washing, you must ensure that the mobile power supply has been taken out. After washing, the product must be thoroughly dried before it can be turned on and used.
6. It is recommended to wash hands. After gently rubbing and washing, rinse with clean water. Don't twist and dry naturally.
Disabled population
1. Prohibit the use of moderate and severe cardiovascular diseases during severe heart disease.
2. It is forbidden to use patients with skin sensation disorders or skin abnormalities.
3. It is forbidden to suffer from gout or gout patients who have not fully recovered from gout.
4. Prohibit cervical cancer.
5. Pregnant women are prohibited from using it.

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